Thursday, May 26, 2005

So Much for Carroll’s 18 Pounders

Surprise, surprise, Carroll Schubert has endorsed Hardberger for Mayor. The other shoe has finally dropped, but as for Schubert’s testiculos, they are still awaiting the arrival of fuzz.

Apparently Carroll feels there are enough Anglo Republicans out there to ensure his political career without the need to pander to folks he really doesn’t like anyway.

The Mayor’s race is likely to be close, but a betting man would probably put his money on Phil. Big money and power tends to trump ethnic unity every time. This is especially true when that ethnic pride has to unify around a coconut.

Castro’s professed policies would probably be better for San Antonio than those Phil’s old guard Concrete Mafia cronies have in store for us. But what Julian professes today will likely change with the political winds. This, not his age, is his true Achilles heal. His constant equivocation puts the status of his cojones in question at least as much as Carroll’s.

As far as Hardberger’s manhood is concerned, given his age, he is probably running mostly on gall and Viagra.