Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I'm Sorry Rattled Brains Is Such A Jerk.

I apologize to the whole blogging community for having been an attractive nuisance to this poor deluded fool, Rattlerman. I am truely sorry if he has been a pain in your collective butts. But now I must lay this punk out once and for all.

Ok, Rattled Brains, I've had about enough of your crap! That was your last post here.

Endorse Hardberger? Hardberger apologist? Basta! Put down the aiplane glue. Open a window. Pull your head out of your a**. Do someting man. your oxygen is clearly cut off.

What blog have you been reading?

At this blog I've called the Judge a greedy trial lawyer repeatedly. I've said his $300,000 loan to his own campaign is tantamount to a license to accept over a quarter of a million dollars worth of bribes for the next two years. I’ve accused him of being disingenuous and pandering regarding the NFL in the Alamo Dome. I’ve decried his desire to make City Hall more open to business as the equivalent of throwing gasoline on a fire. I’ve questioned what a trial lawyer knows about business anyway. I’ve stated that his motivation for running is an ego driven attempt to put yet another notch on his belt and create his final legacy. I've asserted that he is vacuous and a cynical panderer for Chicano votes when it comes to the Arts. I've written that he is old and out of touch when it comes to technology. I've said that he thinks he can just tell people what to do and underestimates the difficulty of forming a real consensus. I've accused him of being beholding to very much the same interests as Schubert. These same moneyed interests that will now undoubtedly throw yet more of their corrupting support behind Judge Hardberger.

Hell, at this point I've accused him of just about everything short of grand larceny and alzheimer's. I’m just hoping a posse from the Hardberger campaign doesn’t meet me in a dark alley some night. If they do, I’m sure it won’t be to thank me for my loyal support.

How many ways do I have to say, “The Judge is a pernicious old fart, don't vote for him,” before a dim-witted myope like yourself gets the point? Or a life for that matter? My position is that there is not a dime's worth of difference between any of the self-serving, ambitions, social climbing, money grubbing, shyster lawyers who would run this town for the profit of the elites rather the benefit of the citizens. Let me make this perfectly clear: I do not endorse Judge Phil Hardberger!!! or his adolescent coconut opposition either. If you want to be Schubert's bitch that's your choice, but I ain't catching for anyone.

If you think I’ve been playing favorites in the Mayor’s race, you are alone in that presumption. As evidence I offer this email I received from J.J at 12:25 PM on May 5:

“I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your posts. You give all the candidates a good knock-around, and I'm actually of the opinion that it's really good for the process…”

You want to talk about blind prejudice. Lets talk dipwad. Lets talk about the blind prejudice of all those Republicans who think all Democrats are Godless Communists. Let's talk about the blind prejudice of all those Democrats that think all Republicans are money grubbing, self righteous, war mongers. Lets talk about the prejudice of both parties toward anyone that refuses to swear unconditional allegiance to either. Let's talk about the way most partisans dismiss all dissenting voices as static created by idealistic cranks. Yeah, I'm prejudiced. But I'm not blind. I'm prejudiced against any who would seek political power by sleeping with big money interests. You cannot accurately judge the content of a man's character by the color of his skin. But a close look at his friends and financial backers is usually a pretty damn accurate indicator of what a person is really made of. I don't know, but I'm guessing your friends are a** holes at the very least, but more likely, they're just few and far between.

Regarding "the trappings of power behind the written word..acting like one grabbing the power he likes."

What a load of horse pucky! Geez your grandiosity is revolting. I would be surprised if more than a dozen different people have read my blogs since I started. What's more, I'll eat my hat if a single one of them didn't have their mind made up on who they supported long before my first post. Most of the bloggers are partisans in case you haven't noticed. Since most of what I have published is guaranteed to offend most of them most of the time, its not likely that I'm winning many friends or influencing many people out here. If these are the trappings of power, I need a new tailor. As far as "grabbing the power I like," what a load of crap. The quickest way to get power is to go where the power is, and tell people what they want to hear. The power isn't at Blogspot dumba**, it's at those Schubert and Hardberger fundraising parties. If power was what I wanted, that's where I would have headed. But instead I headed here to exercise my free speech in a pint sized-venue. What do I find here? Power, prestige, literary fame? Hell no, instead I find a little self-important trouser snake like you. This isn't power, this is pathetic.

Regarding "somebody has to watch the bloggers:" (Yeah, this numb nut actually said this folks, can you believe it?) Who died and made you the guardian of the blogosphere? Who are you watchin for punk? Why don't you just let the bloggers do that, since they seem a hell of a lot better informed than self righteous radio personalities who think they're too clever for their own good. I'm willing to be judged by my own peers, but not by interloping posers in internet drag trying to disguise the fact they're from another medium. But then I'll wager your pretty comfortable in drag, aren't you sweet cheeks?

Regarding my identity: There is no grandiose conspiracy you self-important paranoid jackass. Lay off Lori Bravo. Lay off SAElections.com. Lay off Cincinnatus. Lay off yourself or you'll get a rash. What they do at their respective venues has nothing to do with what goes on here in this blog. Cool it with your wild speculations. I noticed you didn't take up my offer to email me with your identity and meet me in person to call me a liar to my face. That was probably a healthy, if predictably cowardly, choice on your part.

I will very shortly reveal my identity to anyone who cares. But I will do it in my own time, in my own way, punk. But I’ve got a $20 bill that says that when I do, nobody but you will give a tinker’s damn. I’ve got another $50 that says you won’t be so anxious to reveal your own rattled identity and meet in person to call me a liar to my face. I’ve got yet another $100 that says if you do, you sure as hell won’t do it again. To be honest, I don’t really give damn who you are. It is more than clear to everybody in the blogosphere what you are.

I have not lied to anyone so far in this campaign, I just haven’t told you what you want to hear. But if you don't get off my a** and stick to your own sorry excuse for a blog, I may have to return the favor and start making you my special project. Unlike Carroll, I won't kiss you first.