Sunday, May 08, 2005

David “Dracula” Earl Can’t Stand Light of Free Speech

Apparently what’s good for the goose is not in fact, good for the gander. David Earl is no fan of free speech. The Stop David Earl sign at the corner of Dreamland and Vance Jackson was vociferously destroyed and its pieces disapeared by a vandal this morning. Could this have been done by David Earl, or was it one of his “Associates?”

David Earl’s client, Chris Petit, put up unsigned Stop Art Hall signs throughout the neighborhood. Then Bert Cecconi signs appeared over night and Art Hall signs were torn down and thrown into bushes. Then the Stop David Earl signs appeared and lasted for less than 48 hours before the Dark Lord’s henchmen came and tore them down as well. They even tore down the graphic sign that justly portrays their influence as Fascism, even though it mentioned no one by name. But I guess they knew who they were even without a direct reference and they don’t want you to know what they’re up to. So they tore down the signs.

This kind of crap is why someone needs to Stop that shyster-lawyer-lobbyist-backroom-wheeler-dealer David Earl. He and his Associates hide in the shadows with their money tempting and intimidating our elected officials and perverting our Democracy. Down with this hidden power! Down with the influence of opaque money in government! Down with David Earl and all he and his traitorous pernicious ilk stand for! Down with tyranny! May he and all those like him suffer the torments of eternal damnation for their misanthropy!

This is America, damn it! This is not Putin’s Russia and we do not have to tolerate a tyranny of oligarchs who subvert freedom of speech, intimidate our elected officials and shake down the remaining honest business people of our community. Who do these moneyed elites think they are? Where do they think they are?

This is just the kind of behavior Mussolini’s Black Shirts pulled in Fascist Italy. It is what Hitler’s Brown Shirts did in Germany. For those who say it can’t happen here, I’m here to tell you it is happening here, right now. The Germans thought these people were just a bunch of punks that could be dismissed, but they soon came to regret their naivety. Beware of Fascists who don’t want you to know that’s what they are. Beware of people that think secret money influence, the kind that’s not reported on CFR’s, is their tool for maintaining power. Beware of those who would subvert your liberty with impunity. Beware of that sorry SOB David Earl.

Some of you who are asking, “What’s Cicero’s personal beef with David Earl?” The answer is, "I don’t have one." In fact until a few weeks ago, I had never even heard of David Earl and Associates. I was at the City’s website where I saw a link for registered SA Lobbyists, I was curious so I downloaded the PDF’s there. What I found was shocking. David Earl and Ass. had more clients than all the other SA Lobbyists put together. The disproportionality was striking. His former partner Brown, P. C. has a fairly impressive list himself, although if appears he got the ugly children in the divorce. More appalling was the identity of the people on Earl's registered list of clients. They were a Who’s Who of almost every major player in the development industry, the construction business, the concrete establishment, the biggest realtors, bankers and car dealers in town. In its totality the list was quite revealing about how your City government really works.

You need a zoning variance for your new parking lot? Call David. You need to avoid a pesky tree preservation ordinance? Call David. You need to eminent domain a stubborn landowner to make way for a big box development? Call David. You need a golf course over the objections of the electorate? Call David. You want legislation passed in the dark of night in Austin to facilitate a secret deal you’ve got working behind the scenes at City hall? You got it, call David. David Earl is the Fix-it man downtown. We elect our officials to do one thing, then someone else puts David Earl and Associates on retainer to see those pesky voters and their amateur elected officials don’t get in the way of the big boys agenda.

This is the kind of shady, hidden influence that undermines voter confidence in our officials and is responsible for the epidemic of apathy among San Antonio voters. If you think a 17% voter turnout for a heated election is pathetic, blame David Earl and Associates. It is David and his cohorts that make our votes irrelevant. We vote, they buy, cajole, intimidate and sue. You go more than three rounds with these guys and you’re going down. You either pay to play with these lobbyists, or you don’t get invited to any more reindeer games.

Hitler and Mussolini never did anything to me personally, but I still don’t like them and I will tell anyone who will listen how loathsome and evil they were. David Earl and Associates have until this morning never done anything to me either. But I detest those who would thwart the voters' will and game the system for personal profit. So I decry the pernicious activities of David Earl and Associates and of all those Fascists who would sacrifice our liberty on an altar of unrestrained greed. Schubert, Hardberger and Castro have all promised fiscal restraint in City spending. But, if only we could get rid of the exploitative influence of parasites like David Earl, we could afford to spend money like drunken sailors to address the real needs of the decent hardworking citizens of San Antonio, and still balance the budget.

A first step to ridding ourselves of these sebaceous cysts on the body politic would be for the City to require them to publicly list not only their clients, but also how much money they receive from each of them, and like the candidates, how they spend it. Wouldn’t this be revealing? The skeletons that would come flying out of that closet would look like the final scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark. That’s probably why you’ll never see it in your lifetimes.

Transparency in the political process is not something that ends with candidate CFR’s. It must extend to all those who would influence the process as their professions and livelihoods.

Call or email our newly elected officials and let them know to avoid David Earl like the plague. Because that’s exactly what he is. Let them know that you will view any affiliation with him or his associates unfavorably and that you will remember their alliance with his evil on the next Election Day. Between now and the runoff contact both the Castro and Hardberger campaigns and let them know how you feel about hidden money influence in government. Tell them if they do not denounce the influence of lobbyists at City Hall, especially David Earl, that you will actively campaign against them over the next few weeks. If they don’t, it won’t matter whom you voted for on Saturday, or who you choose for Mayor. David Earl and Associates will just buy, threaten and sue their way around your interest to pursue their own agendas. Hell, if you have the cajones, just write David Earl himself at 111 Soledad, San Antonio Texas 78205 or call him at 210-222-1500 and tell him where he can go. If you don’t, the status quo will remain. You vote, David Earl decides, and profits in the bargain.


At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the pot calling the kettle black coming from you Joe...You don't like those that have freedom of speech to call you out and display that you have been a liar.

At 6:36 PM, Blogger Marcus Tullius Cicero said...

Regardless of who you think I am, I have not lied to anyone either here or in any other venue concerning this campaign. If I have made factual, errors feel free to provide corrections and evidence. I’m not a partisan or some political insider. I have no special expertise regarding the inner workings of the halls of power. I’ve never been comfortable in the kneepads it takes to get there.

But my mamma didn’t raise no fool. I know that anonymity, opacity, money and power do not lead to virtue. So I just calls’em like I sees‘em. Why you would so avidly defend such a confluence of forces is beyond me. If you don’t agree, fine, that’s what makes this country great. But you seem to have a personal bug up you’re a** where I’m concerned. For some reason, I suspect it has little to do with what you’ve found in this blog. I don’t know what I did to piss you off so, but I’m beginning to think you had it coming.

If you’re serious about calling me out in public, my email is Drop a line and I’ll give you an opportunity to call me a liar in person. I use a pseudonym for a reason. You hide behind a veil of anonymity out of smug cowardess. Go back into the hole you crawled out from, or get your own blog.

At 9:03 PM, Blogger Rattlerman said...

You refuse to refute hard evidence that proves you a liar. That is factual and cannot be denied. Once again feel free to check out for verification of my facts. I never believed you were a partisan or a political hack--however I do believe that you are blinded by your prejudices. I myself work for no pol and am not a political insider. I do believe though that you have a certain myopia that is have become an apologist for a campaign that has no real ideas. I do resent that and rightfully so. Hardberger has always been the recruited candidate by the Old Guard of the Old Democratic party that seeks to maintain the status quo and stifle new ideas and paradigm shifts. Your lack of treating the ideas in the campaign bothers me as I'm sure it bothers many citizens. If I feel like a bug, then that is good, that is the call we have to seems I touched a sore spot in you when I called you out for others to see. I do not defend these "confluence" of forces--I simply ask that while the bloggers watch the elected pols, somebody also watch the bloggers. It is real easy for a blogger to enjoy the trapping of power behind the written word. You may not be an elected pol, but you are certainly acting like one grabbing for the power he likes.
Finally I will leave you with this...For what reason do people use pseudonym's? To hide something...I'm afraid its time to stop hiding your identity!

At 11:55 PM, Anonymous John Nelson said...

So, if you don't have anything to hide, why don't you tell us who YOU are, rattlerman?

"..the trapping of power behind the written word." You're kidding, right? I mean, who do you think reads the blogs, the saelection site, the city's website? My guess is that the majority of the readers of the different elections blogs are (in no particular order):

1) The candidates themselves (fat chance)
2) Campaign officials from all both parties
3) City elections officials
4) Journalists (newspaper, tv, radio, and other bloggers)

Although I have no factual information to back me up, I am confident in my conjecture that the general voting populace of San Antonio AIN'T READING THIS BLOG. The only people reading are people who made up their voting minds months, if not years ago.

Do you want to wager on what percentage of the 17% of the registered voters (what is that, maybe 40% of the citizens, if we're lucky?) of San Antonio actually bases their voting position on ANY type of media, whether it be Newspapers, TV, Radio, or Internet?

Personally, I'll place my bet on the party lines. People vote R or D because they consider themselves R or D, and they've always voted for R or D's candidates. An R rarely votes D, and vice versa.
And if there's a D1 and D2 candidate, or R1 and R2 candidate, who wins? The voters? Certainly Not! It's the guy with the most money and the biggest backers.

Welcome to America, the staunchest, most militant supporter of democracy. The land where 2 choices makes up a truly "competitive" environment. Where a third choice is simply stealing (votes, money) from the other two.

Oh yes, and where a dissenting opinioning is a lie.

I would tell you to get off your high horse, rattlerman, but your horse is clearly an ass.

At 12:23 AM, Anonymous John Nelson said...

I would like to make one more observation, before I go...

Whois records are not factual information that indicate who wrote any given article or blog.

The whois database contains information about who registers domain names. As a professional in the Internet business, one who has worked at & with numerous Internet Service Providers and Web Hosting providers, I can safely say that the registrant of a domain name is not necessarily the "owner/operator" of that domain name.

I very frequently see situations where an ISP or a friend registers a domain name for someone else. In many instances, the (person / business / organization) that uses a domain name for e-mail, web site, etc., bears no resemblance to the name registered with the Domain Registrar (in this case, ENOM, Inc.).

To say that Cicero is necessarily Joe Bravo because Lori Bravo's name is the registrant on the domain in simply an inference that is not based on ANY factual information... it is simply a hypothesis that fits within the available factual information.

For that matter, why is "Cicero" Joe? Based on your astute investigative skills, "Cicero" MUST BE Lori, as she's on the domain name...

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