Saturday, May 07, 2005

Amen Brave Heart

Over at Newshog A very wise Scotsman has made some observations that bear repeating:

"In the main, I would say local media coverage has been singularly uninformative about the various platforms and issues, especially the TV station news. Other than the fact that one mayoral candidate likes to change places with his twin brother at official functions and another is upset about potholes in the roads, the TV told San Antonians nothing about where each candidate stands on the issues."
This is regrettably quite true. WOAI has made an effort with its Follow the Money segments, but the other stations have been deplorably derelict in their duties. Worst among them has been KSAT 12, whose viewers won't know there has even been an election till they read it in USA Today.
"The best coverage by far has come from local bloggers, like the San Antonio Election 2005 blog, The Jeffersonian and Band B blog - but as always the number of people reading blogs is limited."
Who would dispute so self-evident a truth?
"Truthfully, the cult of glorious ignorance here in Southwest Texas stuns me. It stuns locals who managed to get a mind well enough prepared with facts to have a basis to work with too It is particularly bad amongst men, many of whom regard education as somehow unmanly. You can't be a man unless you remain ignorant of all the world's knowledge that doesn't involve cars, football, basketball and the proper use of a barbeque."
If he thinks it stuns a foreigner, try being an aspiring intellectual local male growing up in such an environment. It can actually be hazardous to your health. Ignorance has indeed reached cultic proportions among men. In fact, to use too many big words (these include little words their unfamiliar with) is reason enough to question ones sexual preference. To be interested in culture or history or philosophy is somehow considered effeminate. Witness the declining population of males in Humanities departments at universities, or at universities all together. The Feminist are going to get their wish to rule the world because the cult of the Mook has caused men to abdicate completely. I doubt they’ll do much better than we did, but at least this time it will be their fault.

If you doubt the pervasiveness of Mook Anti-Culture, note that even in this elite bloggosphere, where even the folks I disagree with are smarter than your average bear, when I wrote on the prospects of a San Antonio NFL franchise, the fiber lit up all over town. When I wrote a couple of posts about the Arts… nothing but the sound of crickets. By the way where were you on those posts Newshog?
"Then there's the schools, also known as day-care. The standards of education in Texas are poor by the standards of Georgia. Just ask my teen daughter who has experienced both in the last 12 months. The teachers mostly agree that standards have been dumbed down to the max, but daen't stick their heads up to say so. Texas is not a "right to work" stateYou know, there is something wrong with standards when my daughters school can proudly tout the fact that 930 out of 2,700 pupils got straight "A" grades in every assignment and test for English in the last 12 months. Have school supervisors never heard of the Bell curve? If over a third never failed to get less than 90%, then it's the grading that is wrong, not the students who are doing well"
I wouldn’t mind them constantly raising my property evaluations to pay for public schools if Johnny could actually freaking read! But they take my money, curve the grades, cheat on standardized tests, water down the curriculum, hire incompetent teachers and then hog tie them, pump all the cash into sports and send me the bill. F#*% that. Send me your kid and I’ll teach them to read. (but not to cuss) What's more I’ll see that your kid knows the names Washington, Da Vinci, Socrates, and Moses and can still hold his own if a Mook tries to kick his little butt for it. I might even go down to the little ignorant bully bastard’s house and hand his Daddy his own a#%, for not keeping his little turd in check. What really cheeses me is when I drive by Churchill high school and see all the Cadillac Escalades in the parking lot. Why again am I subsidizing the substandard education and indoctrination of the ignorant spoiled brats of people a hell of a lot richer than me?

Amen to Newshog ! I don’t know why it takes a foreigner to tell us what’s right in front of our faces. Shame on us.

One caution to Newshog though, don’t make the mistake that many carpetbagger Yankees make about the South. Slow talking does not necessarily mean slow-witted. Many a Yankee has lost his wallet that way. Then again, I'll wager many an Englishman has been fleeced due to a similar miscalculation.


At 6:57 PM, Blogger Cernig said...

Hi Cicero,

I came to both those posts late, although I will say now I heartily agreed with you.

Have a look at what Glasgow, a city the same size as SA, has in it's museums at Kelvingrove and the Burrell sometime. (Hint - you can start with Dali's Christ on a Cross or a few Rodin sculptures, maybe a Rhembrant or six, a handful of Monets...).

I had actually intended a post agreeing with you...then along came the Real Memogate from the UK.

Regards, Cernig @ Newshog.

At 5:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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