Sunday, April 17, 2005

Slinging Mud at Velcro Hardly Constitutes a Sport

It is a cliché that politics in Texas is a full contact sport. In fact, it is hardly even sporting to sling mud (or if you prefer, muddy arrows) at candidates to whom it sticks like Velcro. Hardberger is indeed a greedy trial lawyer. Castro did copulate with the poodle on his CFR filings. Schubert is actually a puppet of the local Concrete Mafia. It seems that Teflon coated politicians like Reagan and Clinton are rarer than hen’s teeth in South Texas.

What is truly galling is the umbrage they choose to feign when their integrity is called into question. With what the mayor’s job pays along with its commensurate hassles, one would have to be a saint, a masochist or a crook to want the office. It is highly unlikely that any of San Antonio’s mayoral aspirants is going to be put on the fast track to beatification. Since none of these candidates seem to be able to blithely take a punch, we can probably rule out masochist as well.


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