Monday, April 18, 2005

The Red State Wants to Know: What Constitutes "Electronic" Filings for CFR's?

Exerpted from a recent posting at The Red State :

Currently, filers who accept no more than $20,000 in contributions or who make no more than $20,000 in expenditures in a calendar year may apply to “opt-out” of electronic filing upon filing an affidavit stating that the filer does not use computer equipment to keep current records of contributions or expenditures. So, none of these candidates are exempt from electronic filing.

The municipal rules are not very clear on what the electronic submission must be like. Please correct me if I am wrong but it seems like you can hand write your report, scan it in and then transmit it. If that is true, then that is defeating the purpose of electronic reporting. The purpose is to have searchable information of donors and donations (i.e. searchable like hitting CTRL-F and search for a name). I do not blame the candidates for this loophole in the law but it should be addressed. The whole handwritten thing has gotten me confused on how SA reporting actually works.


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