Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Jeffersonian Scores a Field Goal

For another view of the NFL and the fate of the “Dillo Dome” check out The Jeffersonian . He makes some valid observations there and points out that San Antonio is in fact the 37th largest media market. My bad.

He postulates that San Antonio’s principal obstacle to an NFL franchise is that it would have to take place over the dead bodies of Dallas and Houston. Well Cincinnatus, that’s a lot of dead bodies and my experience leads me to believe that when time comes to legitimately consider expanding to San Antonio, those folks are not likely to play nice. As Cincinnatus points out there is not an insignificant disparagement of income between the populous of San Antonio and either of these metroplexes. San Antonio has about as much chance of defeating their combined forces as Tampa Bay has of accumulating more NFL championships than Dallas.

Cincinnatus also points out that an NFL franchise is not sufficient to book a domed venue into the black. I’m no expert on New Orleans either, but I seem to recall reading in various places that their Dome adventures have been a financial debacle for their city. The Saints had a few good years back in the days of Kenny Stabler. Soon afterward the shine wore off, but the debts continued. In light of the recent soccer proposal, I don't see how a Dome can ever be profitable if we keep negotiating away all its revenue streams to anyone who will book their events there.

Regarding pulling from Austin’s media market, I am highly skeptical. From my observations IH 35 might as well be a one-way street headed north. Lots of headliner music acts book Austin and not San Antonio because San Antonian’s are conditioned to drive north for their cool fix. Promoters almost never book San Antonio and not Austin with the presumption that Austinites will drive south. In fact, the zeitgeist of Austin is generally highly condescending with regards to San Antonio. I’ll bet Austinites will become passionate jai lai fans before they condescend to drive south and admit their cultural inferiority just to see a football game. After all they have the Longhorns if they need a personal pigskin fix.


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