Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Duplicitous Politician? I’m Shocked, There’s Gambling in Here.

I was trying to refrain from swinging at all the easy ones here, but when it comes to those phenomenal Castro brothers, I just can’t resist. reports that Joaquin Castro stood in surreptitiously for Julian Castro on the City Council float at the River Parade. My first response was, “Who the heck cares?” But then I began to see the meta-humor of it.

Since Julian was first elected to the City Council, lots of people had been making jokes about the various humorous scenarios that a pair of twin politicians might present. That these jokes would be floating around should not come as a surprise to a couple of highly educated guys like the Castro brothers; who have presumably been twins all their lives.

What is unfathomable is how these clever boys managed to take a local punch line and turn it into an embarassing national news story during a heated race for mayor. Check out AP article at USA Today Twin switcheroo alleged in San Antonio mayor's race The Castro campaign seems to be determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. In the Grand Prix, you’ve got to stay on the track to win the race. Julian seems to be so busy admiring his own reflection in the rear-view mirror that he keeps driving off into the grass. Take a clue from the Classics boys; it is always hubris that undermines the hero’s destiny. I guess the old gray mares of Stanford and Harvard just ain't what they used to be.

Someone ought to brief the Castros on the facts of life. Most people don't trust a politician who is in only one place at a time, let alone one that tries to be in two.


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